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My name is Nick Barone, I am a professional puppeteer and I have been building and performing puppets professionally since 1991.

This website showcases some of my work. I've also included some puppet building information, drawn from articles I've written over the years. There is also a list of puppetry books and other useful stuff that I think you'll like.

You can also visit my other site, Nick Barone Puppets, to see information about my shows and public performances

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the site!

- Nick

Moving mouth monster puppet
The Ogre
Hand puppet built in 1991
for Jack and the Beanstalk

Puppet Shows and Public Performances

Here is where you can arrange to have a live puppet show at your school, library or private party.

I also have a list of my public performances so you can come to a live performance in your town!
Show Group



Spacedog Puppet Building Information

If you're interested in attending one of my puppet making workshops, they take place annually at PuppetFest MidWest. I've made available some of my notes from workshops that I have presented at pastpuppetry festivals.

You will also find a collection of tools and materials used to make puppets.

Puppet Books, Movies and Equipment

Here you will find a collection of useful books that will help you build and perform puppets.

There is also equipment for use in live performances.

And if need some inspiration to spark your next project, I've included a list of movies that might help.
Jackaranda with a book

Chef Salad Puppet Gallery

I began my puppetry career building high quality puppets for use in live theater, television and video performances. The only puppets I build now are for my own projects.

You can visit the Gallery to see some of the puppets I have made.

Forest Monster Puppeteer and Puppet Builder

Don't miss PuppetFest Midwest. You must register for the entire festival to attend any of the workshops. As well as room and board, your all inclusive registration fee includes mainstage performances, assorted "open stage" events, lectures and mini-performances AND the choice of one 20 hour workshop (over a four day period) on various aspects of live puppet theatre performance.


Want to learn more about puppetry?

Be sure to visit The Puppetry Home Page for information about puppets and puppet building. If you really want to study with the best in the business, I urge you to attend PuppetFest Midwest. The Puppeteers of America also offer annual festivals across the country and local Guilds you can join. UNIMA-USA will get you in touch with the puppetry community around the world. And if you're in the San Francisco Bay Area, consider joining the San Francisco Bay Area Puppeteers Guild. Puppetry Guilds offer educational workshops and entertaining performances for guild members. Joining a guild is the best way to meet local puppeteers and learn about the art of puppetry.

Puppet Shows

Puppet Building Information
Books, Tools & Other Stuff
Puppet Gallery
Puppeteer Nick Barone


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